Iterating the Form/Context Boundary

Seed idea: The form/context boundary gives us requirements for an initial design. How do we apply this iteratively to eliminate unknowns as we go? With a case study from an app for analyzing interview data. Plus point forecasts vs. system properties, and reviving Christopher Alexander in the software world.
Part 1: 00:17
Point forecasts vs. system properties, estimating project length vs. the distribution of the error


Part 2: 04:39
Christopher Alexander and software in the 90s vs. today, implementation vs. product, Building Beauty


Part 3: 09:22
Form/context and supply/demand boundaries, defining requirements once vs. iteratively, prototyping an affinitizing interface for an app to analyze job-to-be-done interviews

Part 4: 23:05
Moving the form/context boundary , inner and outer boundaries, recursively applying the same design process

Part 5: 31:03
Learning what language to use by trying to use it